Star-Tracking is a multi-sport service company specializing in registration, timing and scoring services. We offer an 'end to end' solution:

  • Online subscriptionmodule including teammanagement, integrated in your website.
  • Participant registration on your event
  • Interactive startmodule
  • Realtime display of results during your event
  • Results immediately published on the website

In short, Star-Tracking supports you in such a way that you can organize your event without any 'time registration worries'.

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  06-04-2019 Twins trail run  
  06-04-2019 Blue Run 4autism  
  14-04-2019 Vlaanderens Mooiste Marathon in Zwalm  
  22-04-2019 Basics! Run  
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Participants and Start times

  28/04/2019 Damme - Brugge - Damme  
  14-04-2019 Vlaanderens Mooiste Marathon in Zwalm  


  16-03-2019 Miles for Smiles  
  10-02-2019 Duo & Corporate Race  
  30-12-2018 SAN SILVESTERCROSS 2018  
  22-12-2018 The Christmas FUN Run