Damme - Brugge - Damme
Sunday 28 April 2019
Markt 1, 8340 Damme
Event Details

5th edition of Damme-Brugge-Damme - Sunday, 28 April 2019

Running contest along the beautiful natural area of the Damse Vaart & polders. 
(Click here for photos of previous editions). 

Practical information on www.run4you.be
If you have trouble to register online, kindly download the Word or PDF form below and send the completed form by 11 April to info@run4you.be.
Word version registration form (only download and fill in if you encounter problems with the online registration procedure)
PDF version registration form (only download and fill in if you encounter problems with the online registration)


12:45 - Adhémar Child-(Grand) parent run 600m (up to and including 6 years) (without results)
13:05 - Adhémar Youth run 1200m (7 up to and including 12 years)
13:30 – Mestdagh Bros jogging 5km (indicative age: from 12 years onwards)
14:00 -  Decathlon run 10km (indicative age: from 15 years onwards)
14:00  - Printers Jacobs half marathon (indicative age: from 18 years onwards)
These runs are accessible for wheelchair athletes.


until 11 April 2019

(online – cf. the online form above - in case of problems, download the Word or PDF form (in Dutch) and send it completed to info@run4you.be )

until 17 April 2019 
in the running Dept Decathlon Bruges (400 extra points on customer card) and cash payment

Bib number pick-up - pre-registrations

- on 27 April 2019 in the running Dept. Decathlon Bruges between 10:00 and 18:00 
- on 28 April 2018 in the Damme Town Hall from 10:30 onwards

On site registration

In the Damme town hall until 30 minutes before the race

Race course

Along the Damse Vaart and the polders, a beautiful natural area. Supplies during the contest (10 km and half marathon) and at the finish (runners village with refreshments).
Click here for the course maps with the various distances. 

Start & finish areas

- child-(grand) parent run and youth run: start and finish Marketplace Damme
- 5 km, 10 km, half marathon: start at the mill and finish on the Marketplace Damme

Time registration 
Time registration is based on a chip on the bib number. The target time requested on the registration form offers the possibility start off in a start box. Runners should display their bib number on the front, it should always be visible.

Stage tribute based on gross time or order of arrival

The order of arrival or gross time determines the official result. For that reason race runners are given the opportunity to start off in the starting boxes. In a contest between individual runners competition between the leaders is very important for the final result. In addition to individual running qualities, running strategy and the outcome of the final sprint is often decisive. In this way it is also clear for the public who runs on top and who eventually wins the race.


The results based on the net time, will not be available on Sunday, 28 April. They will be available on www.run4you.be as of Monday 29 April 2019.

Contest regulations

Click here for the contest rules of the youth runs, 5 km, 10 km, & half marathon (in Dutch) 

- 5km: no supplies during the race (exc. in warm weather).
   Water, sports drinks and snacks will be offered at the finish.
- 10km: 4 km (water); 7 km (water + Aptonia sports drinks). Water, sports drinks and snacks at the finish.
- 21km: 4 km (water), 7 km (water + Aptonia sports drinks), 10 km transit area finish (water + Aptonia sports drinks +     banana/gingerbread), 15 km (water), 18 km (water + Aptonia sports drinks). 
   Water, sports drinks and snacks at the finish.

Drinks and refreshments available for all distances at the finish in the runners village.


In the Town Hall
In the Tourist Office (50m from the town hall/follow sign postings)
At the start: 3 mobile toilets and 1 pee column

Changing rooms & showers 

Changing facilities and showers at 2 minutes walking distance (in tent) in school 't Dambord (Speystraat) . 

Sports bags

Supervised area for sports bags in school 't Dambord (Speystraat) .
Open from 12:45 onwards; Closing time: 16:45.

Prizes & awards

Adhémar child (grand)-parent run (600m)

No classification.
Natura prize for both child and (grand)parent

Adhémar youth run (1200m)

Separate classification for girls and boys.
Natura prize for each participant / extra prize for the first 3 girls and boys (immediately after arrival)

Bros. Mestdagh jogging 5km

Prize package for each participant.
Stage tribute (based on gross-race time or order of arrival) + voucher for the first three ladies and gentlemen (stage tribute from 17:00 in the Town Hall).

Decathlon run 10km & Printers Jacobs half marathon

Prize package for each participant.
Stage tribute ([based on gross-race time or order of arrival] + cash prize for the first 3 ladies and gentlemen per series (ladies, 3 series, i.e. -35 years, 35-49 year, 50 years and more / men, 3 series, i.e. -40 years, 40-54 years, 55 years and more)
Stage tribute will start at 17:00 in the Town Hall 

Extra prize for
the club with the highest number of registrations *
the company with the highest number of registrations *
the school with the highest number of registrations *
* minimum 10 registrations!

Tombola with valuable prizes in kind for all PRESENT participants of the child-(grand) parent run, youth run, 5km, 10km and half marathon, immediately after the awards ceremony on the ground floor of the Town Hall. When you pick up your natura prize, every participant will receive a tombola number in duplicate. Just before the stage tribute (at 17:00 in the Hall - ground floor) of the laureates all participants will have the opportunity to put one raffle number in an urn. In this way only numbers of participants present will be drawn.

Parking areas
Free parking on 2 public parking lots.
when you are coming from Brugge: parking Damme South, along the Damse Vaart Zuid
when  you are coming from Sijsele: parking Damme Oost, along the old Sluissedijk 
additional parking will be foreseen

Charity cause
In addition to organising the Damme-Brugge-Damme running contest, the non-profit association Run4You wants to pursue a second goal, i.e. the support of social projects, alternately at home and abroad. This year we have chosen to support the organisation 'The Friends of Senegal'. Those who participate in our running contest also contribute to the development of a kindergarten in the bush of Thiandène, near M'bour. The straw hut has been replaced by a room in brick. Part of the revenues of Damme-Brugge-Damme will be spent to provide the class with furniture, didactic material and toys for the children.

Ecological footprint 
For the fifth edition, Damme-Brugge-Damme wants to limit its ecological footprint: we go for compostable drinking cups, separate waste collection, paper goodiebags, flyers & posters printed on paper with FSC label.


Toon van Acker: 0474/65 66 05

Luc Masyn: 0486/69 07 41

Brugge-Damme-Brugge 2017

We do our utmost best to organise a fantastic running event!

Where and When

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Markt 1,
8340 Damme
Sunday 28 April 2019
Tel: 0474656605
Mail: info@run4you.be
Site: http://www.run4you.be/